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MAHARNAWA KANAKA was founded in 2007, an Indonesian company that specialized in Surface and Underground Mining Contractor. We provides complete drilling, blasting, and civil construction services for quarries and mine site.

Our major client is PT. Aneka Tambang, Tbk. (Antam) Pongkor – Bogor area. Antam is a vertically integrated, export-oriented, diversified mining and metals company. With operations spread throughout the mineral-rich Indonesian archipelago, Antam undertakes all activities from exploration, excavation, processing through to marketing of nickel ore, ferronickel, gold, silver, bauxite and coal.

We support Antam to increase their production by drilling 4 (four) tunnel per month and strengthen the tunnel construction. This has given us an excellent reputation in performing difficult access jobs.

We make a good relationship with an excellent services. With skilled Manpower Asset (Helper, Miner, and Blaster) we believe that we can be a Number One Company in this field.

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